The Win

The Win

This is a Strangler Fig. To be precise, it’s a Sacred Fig sapling growing on a tree. This sapling will continue growing, for years, till one day it kills the supporting tree. Another win…
Winning, sometimes, is treacherous…but then, this is how struggle for life is.


2 thoughts on “The Win

  1. They have some type of creeping vine that grows in Kentucky, Tennessee and saw some in southern Indiana. It grows so fast and thick that it will cover any and all shrubbery and trees and kill them out. It is slowly moving to the north but maybe (hopefully) it will get to cold here to let it thrive.

    • I guess they are some ‘invasive plants’ or ‘parasitic plants’…choking out other plants & trees. Likely to be some non-native species, destroying the local ecosystem I feel, there must be some measures to control these… local botanists and agriculturists must be knowing..

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