Solitary … yet Connected

Solitary ... yet Connected

A Transmission Tower standing alone, looking across the fields…
Hundreds of stories to tell… Alas! It is dumb.


2 thoughts on “Solitary … yet Connected

  1. I love it! I’ve been thinking a lot about solitude, yet remaining connected, that careful filtering I do, wondering if I’m doing it well or maybe too much one way or the other. Anyway, that’s likely more than you wanted in comments, but I have to type where someone will read it 🙂 Awesome shot ~Scott

    • ’am really grateful for this comment. It tells me that i could connect my thoughts with yours…. What more could i ask for…. Thanks!

      Solitude has become really pricey… we are all entangled in this chaotic communication web. Complete freedom looks like a dream.

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