The Emerald Carpet

The Emerald Carpet

Wish we were kids ……. rolling, giggling, and playing over this magnificent carpet!


Colors of a Ti

Colors of a Ti

Ti Plant (cordyline fruticosa); commonly known as a Good Luck Plant! Tough am not sure of what good fortune it brings 🙂 ……… but it definitively makes my balcony colorful!

The Ti grew considerably in past few years to be about 4 feet. It shades its leaves during winter, though it is not supposed to do so technically. Wonder why …

… whatever, i love the vibrant color … do you?

Atheistic Spiritualism

Atheistic Spiritualism

Lotus… Pink Lotus… or the Sacred Lotus!

The Lotus holds high symbolism in Oriental Spiritualism. It is considered as a symbol of purity of soul. As a lotus blooms in muddy water yet remains pure & beautiful… the spiritually enlighten heart ought to rise above the filth of vices to be loving, caring, and pure. For ancient Egyptians, Lotus symbolized rebirth.

An Atheist, however, is awed by the beauty, the perfection, the color, and magnificence of the flower….

Either way, Lotus wins………
…….. and i win too… as i got to see such an splendid art of Nature!

With Reference To…

With Reference To…

Okay! I understand … it’s a bizarre caption…

But this post is ‘with reference to’ Comment # 03 on the Pat Benson’s post (Link: )

He had posted a lovely Yellow Canna Lily (Yellow King Humbert) photograph. It was beautiful. Had commented over there that I have a red variety too in my garden … He wanted to see that… And here it goes!! … Our ‘With Reference To’ 😉

Please have a look into Pat’s post… I believe his photograph looks much better.

Black, White, & Red

Black, White, & Red

… just another neighborhood dog; but not quite so either. He is a part of my life… rather an intruder into my life.

A year back… someone noticed this fellow sneaking through the broken fence, everyday… just to watch me returning from work. Strange! Everyday!

I don’t feed him… I don’t care for him… I don’t love him either… But he is there, everyday, wagging his tail! He just loves me! Was never able to discover ‘why.’ A cosmic link? … Do dogs really have emotions? Questions… a lot of them…

It seems… I feel grateful to him, sometimes, … for making me feel so important.