Black, White, & Red

Black, White, & Red

… just another neighborhood dog; but not quite so either. He is a part of my life… rather an intruder into my life.

A year back… someone noticed this fellow sneaking through the broken fence, everyday… just to watch me returning from work. Strange! Everyday!

I don’t feed him… I don’t care for him… I don’t love him either… But he is there, everyday, wagging his tail! He just loves me! Was never able to discover ‘why.’ A cosmic link? … Do dogs really have emotions? Questions… a lot of them…

It seems… I feel grateful to him, sometimes, … for making me feel so important.


9 thoughts on “Black, White, & Red

  1. Dogs love so unconditionally; I’m not certain about cosmic links, but they do have a wide range of emotions. Not like the oil painter who sniffs too much thinner and claims to smell colors, I believe dogs, at some level can ‘smell’ emotions from humans. I submit, that perhaps you care for him more than you know, or like to admit 🙂 ‘They know’ even if you don’t.

    • … you are right. But then again.. the fact remains that he is someone else’s dog…. Emotions are dangerous … and kindling that .. you know! Its a dilemma for me …
      But eventually.. as it looks like… i will have to give up! 🙂

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