…. a journey

.... a journey

The old palace… silent corridors … dark whispers from past…and a journey towards light…


… a Search for an Identity……

… a Search for an Identity……

It’s so difficult to introduce myself! Who am I? An answer… I have been searching for years. Is it so simple to describe oneself? ‘Am one of those who come with a social identity at birth. But, still, over the years I have tried to create an Identity for Myself. It appears, sometimes, that the entire Struggle of Life has been for an Identity. It looks elusive…. even today.

The white papery flower, i found it in an abandoned garden. Anyone knows its Identity?



As a kid, i always spelled umbr- A –lla!! Those days are gone! i can spell ‘umbrella,’ as well as, ‘center’ … ‘meter’ … and lot such unpredictable, troublesome stuff quite easily (of course, after much effort from my kindergarten teachers’ side). Now, see… i just wrote it correctly; without a ‘spell-check.’

This green umbrella is the canopy of an African Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis,) native to west and southwest Africa. Palm oil is extracted and used by men for past 4000/5000 years. I always had a liking for this tree. It looks so gorgeous, like a big green umbrella, braving scorching sun.