My Neighbor’s Paradise

My Neighbor’s Paradise

One of my neighbors…is a colorful old man. His first love is flowers, second is flowers… and i guess his ‘old lady’ comes third! Over several decades of his stay in the villa, he have grown a garden… to be precise, one should call it a botanical garden.

This is the Bird of Paradise Flower (Strelitzia) from the old man’s paradise.
A native of South Africa, Strelitzia is commonly known as the Crane Flower.

… a Search for an Identity……

… a Search for an Identity……

It’s so difficult to introduce myself! Who am I? An answer… I have been searching for years. Is it so simple to describe oneself? ‘Am one of those who come with a social identity at birth. But, still, over the years I have tried to create an Identity for Myself. It appears, sometimes, that the entire Struggle of Life has been for an Identity. It looks elusive…. even today.

The white papery flower, i found it in an abandoned garden. Anyone knows its Identity?